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Abdul Bari
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Justin Stirrett
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Ty Gordon
Lost Horizon Treks and Tours is a small, licensed (no.969) tour operator based in Gilgit, Pakistan. Lost Horizon was started by Mr. Abdul Bari Rana about 16 years ago and has been a successful operation since that time. In 2006, Bari formed a partnership with Ty Gordon, a young American living in Gilgit and together they pushed Lost Horizon Treks and Tours into a era. 2013, a partnership with Justin Stirrett, a Canadian Mountain Guide who has spent a great deal of his life living and climbing in Pakistan stepped into the mix. Together they make the core of the great team at Lost Horizon Treks & Tours. Since the partnership, Lost Horizon has developed its own unique philosophy of how to do business. We (Bari and Justin) feel that the best way for visitors to enjoy Gilgit-Baltistan is a flexible, custom itinerary based on preference, time, and budget. With this in mind, we feel that we can offer you an unbeatable experience in Northern Pakistan. We know that our visitors expect honest, helpful, and reliable service and we do our best to make sure all of those expectations are met, even if it means a loss on our part. We are not afraid to try new things or go to places no one has been before and we are always looking for ways to promote this beautiful place we call home. Our goal is that by the end of your time with us, you will already be planning your next trip to Gilgit-Baltistan. We hope to provide our guests with life-long memories and stories that can be told for years to come. If you would like more info about Lost Horizon or us personally, please feel free to send us an email. We like hearing from anyone and we are happy to provide any information that we can. We hope that you will consider us for your future trips to Pakistan and Gilgit-Baltistan. Thank you very much.
Lost Horizon Treks and Tours