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Hunting used to be a very mismanaged and abused part of Pakistan's tourism attractions. Local hunters also made a heavy mark on the wildlife. Many of Pakistan's trophy animals such as ibex, Marco Polo and Blue sheep, and markhor became rare. Now, there is a well managed system of conservation for the wildlife that inhabits Northern Pakistan and the animals are beginning to grow in numbers again. This conservation system includes a permit system for hunting each type of animal. Each hunting area is managed by a village organization which has received training in proper guiding, conservation, and management techniques. The money received from the permits goes to the village organizations and to further the conservation effort. While hunting may be seen as a harmful form of tourism, it really is not the case here as it promotes proper conservation and raises money for village economies.
If you are interested in hunting, please
contact us for more information. We can put you in contact with the proper village organizations as well as obtain permits and perform logistical help. We look forward to hearing from you!
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